KangaPure Tap Water Replacement Filter for Water Filter Lid Sku 2500

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*This Universal Tap Water Replacement Filter is a Replacement Filter for the Universal Tap Water Filter Lid for Wide Mouth Bottles SKU 2500.

This universal tap water filter is SIMPLE, SAFE, and ERGONOMIC! It is designed to fit most wide mouth bottles. 100% BPA & BPS free.

100% FDA-approved food grade materials. 100% recyclable. Three stage, six layer, Activated Carbon Fiber filtration (ACF) is the absolute gold standard for chlorine removal - protecting you from chlorine in tap water that has been linked to cancer. Fast, flow-through filtration process allows >1.0L/33.81 oz. per minute.

Because ACF creates no black water, there is no need to presoak the filter. Just rinse and use! Fill directly from the tap and the gravity fed fast-filtration speed eliminates the need to suck water through the filter. Removes 99.99% of Tap Water Contaminants including: chlorine, colloid in water, color, odor, and large particles such as sediment, rust, and suspended solids.

Not for the removal of pathogens, microbial contaminants, and parasites such as giardia, or cryptosporidium found in lakes, ponds, rivers, and streams. For potable water only!


    KangaPure Universal Tap Water Filter
  • Filter Life >110L/30 gallons. Removable filter element for easy filter replacement.
  • Filters tap water as you fill the bottle, removing 100% of tap water contaminants commonly found in tap water everywhere.
  • NO-SUCK filter! You don’t have to suck the water through the filter, simply open up the spout and pour away!
  • First of its kind to screw onto your bottle and fill from any tap source through a multi-stage filter directly into your bottle.
  • Fits most existing bottles from Hydro Flask, Klean Kanteen, Takeya, 50/50, Nalgene and others with a Universal Wide Mouth.
  • The filter inside the bottle displaces only 2 ounces of water so you don’t have to worry about the filter taking away your bottle capacity.
  • Flows at 1.5 liters per minute - which means you can fill a 64-ounce Hydroflask or similar bottle in less than a minute.
  • Simply leave the filter lid on the bottle and fill as necessary from any tap source. (For cleaning, remove the drinking lid, detach the filters, and put the lid in the dishwasher or clean by hand.)

Because you can pour clean water directly from your bottle just as if you were pouring from one of the popular water filter pitchers, you can share with your pet or anyone else. 
This patent pending filter was designed after more than a year and a half of rigorous testing for usability, performance and durability. Each KangaPure™ Water Filter can clean up to 30 gallons of tap water replacing more than 240 16.9-ounce plastic bottles.

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    Universal Tap Water...

    Posted by Durn on Feb 5th 2020

    I was disappointed in that the filter didn't fit most of my water bottles. While it did somewhat fit my Nalgene bottles, it wasn't a tight fit and leaked a bit. The filter itself is easy to use, and provides for a relatively quick fill.

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    HydroBlu’s Kanga Pure tap universal water filter...

    Posted by James Fung on Feb 5th 2020

    I really REALLY wanted to be writing a 5 star review. I mistakenly placed an order for the replacement filter for the Kanga Pure universal tap water filter instead of the actual lid. Within an hour I received an email from customer service asking if I meant to order the replacement without having ordered a lid also. I replied that no I meant to order the lid, and asked what I needed to do to correct my order. She, customer service, said that she would add the lid, and that it would be complementary! She only requested that after I tried it out, if I would review it. So first here’s the good: the water from my homes tap water faucet, kitchen sink, now tastes great. I can drink the filtered water from my bottle without having to suck it through a straw and filter. Now for the not so good: the lid leaks. I tried it on two different Nalgene wide mouth bottles I have, a 32oz. & a 48oz. The lid screws on but when I turn it over to take a drink, or on it’s side, water leaks out each time. To fill and filter your water the upper half of the lid must be unscrewed to expose the inlet. But this also exposes the opening to the bottle where the post filtered water is, there is a small lip that separates the two. The problem is that when you fill from a faucet or water fountain spout, the water going in will back up due to the filter doing its thing. So the not-yet filtered water flows over into the other opening where the already filtered water is supposed to be. You can tip your bottle to an angle so that the overflow doesn’t run into the wrong side, but that causes the water to run down the outside of the bottle and onto the floor or sink. I tried turning the water flow from my faucet to the slowest flow position. But, it was still to much and overflowed...and took too long to fill my bottle. I’m sure I will purchase other products by HydroBlu, mainly due to their excellent customer service, but the Kanga Pure universal tap water filter just wasn...