Founded at the base of the Wasatch Front mountain range in Utah, we have the perfect proving grounds for water filtration. We are outdoor enthusiasts, hikers, backpackers, and survivalists, and love being outside. Our goal is simple. We wanted to create a water filter that we would use and not break the bank to buy.

Why Buy Direct?

We chose to sell our water filters direct to you so we could keep the price down. Sure we probably won’t sell as many filters as we could if we sold them through a big box sporting goods store, but they would increase the price. We believe everyone should have access to clean and safe drinking water.

Let's Keep It Simple

We chose to only offer a few products because we don’t want to be everything to everyone. We made products that can be used in everyday life, whether that is traversing the urban jungle for your 9-5 or you are racing across India in a tuk-tuk. We are all about adventure and creating cool experiences. Our products are simple to use, are chemical free and don’t require any electricity or a ton of accessories. They are virtually plug and play to use and then they get out of your way.

Stay thirsty and stay safe.