HydroBlu Offers Safe Drinking Water Using Blocked Activated Carbon Technology

Filters can remove 10-15x of contaminants versus traditional carbon filtration methodsContact:Drazana Buckley drazanab@hydrohealthus.com801-572-6500SALT LAKE CITY, UT (April 30, 2022) - Hydroblu, a leader in water filtration technology, offers a range of products for a variety of outdoor and travel pursuits, as well as emergency preparedness use. From pressurized Jerry Cans to lightweight filters, all products are built to exceed EPA standards and are versatile for everyday use in home and urban settings.Employing Blocked Activated Carbon (BAC) filter technology, HydroBlu’s lineup removes heav ...READ MORE

Eco-friendly Reasons Why You Need A Water Filter At Home

Water is essential for our survival. It is the foundation of life on earth. Without water, we can’t live. We need it for consumption, sanitation, and hygiene. On the other hand, we also need water for our daily activities like drinking, washing, cooking, and bathing. It is the only source of life on earth. Here, we will go over some of the most important reasons you need a water filter at home.1.Fewer Bottles Reduces the Number of Plastic Going to the LandfillWhen you buy bottled water, you are purchasing plastic. This is the reason why bottled water is more expensive than tap water. The most ...READ MORE

Reviewer Spotlight

Todd Sepulveda demonstrates how to DIY a family water filter and takes us step-by-step setup of VersaFlow water filter and our bucket adapter kit. Todd operates Prepper Website HERE. What this site lacks in design, it more than makes up for with great content and authenticity. ...READ MORE

How much water can you filter in a day with VersaFlow?

In one of the most authentic reviews we’ve seen, the guys from the Titan Preparedness Channel put VersaFlow through the numbers. They also give some great tips for set-up and operation of a large-scale water filtration system in case of an emergency. ...READ MORE

The 10 Best Hikes in Utah – Find Your Next Epic Trail

Looking for the best hikes in Utah? We’ve got everything you need to know! This incredible region is home to some surprisingly diverse landscapes: dense forest, stunning lakes, mystical deserts, and of course, epic summits. To give you a little travel inspiration, we’ve pulled together the ultimate list of the 10 most epic hikes in Utah.To view the full article click HERE. ...READ MORE

I Heart Pacific Northwest gear review: Hydroblu Versa Flow water filter

HYDROBLU VERSA FLOW WATER FILTER I had been using the Sawyer Squeeze water filter on backpacking trips for three years, and when the flow rate slowed down and didn’t improve with backflushing, I was ready to purchase a new one. Then Hydroblu sent the Versa Flow to me and after using it on 15 days of backpacking trips in 2019, it’s now my preferred water filter.Both ends of the filter have internal threads for attaching to standard water bottles and containers. One side is marked “in” for attaching to a container filled with unfiltered water (I use the CNOC Vecto), and the other is marked ...READ MORE


What’s the best backpacking water filter? That’s a question many of us ask when looking to venture into the backcountry for multiple days. There’s no clear-cut answer to that question as the type of filter you might need differs depending on your situation. To help you decide, we tested the performance of a bunch of them and bring you the results so you can see what fits your needs the best. Each type of filter has specific situations where it will excel as well as situations its not as well suited for.Don’t forget to check out our Backpacking Food Review and and our Backpacking Coffee revi ...READ MORE

Steady Streamin Cashios -Tiny Living Enthusiasts: HydroBlu Review

Having clean, filtered water while on a backpacking trip can sometimes be tricky. Of course you would never want to haul gallons of water with you. Why take on more weight when you are already carrying a sleeping bag, pad, clothes, food, lights, etc.? Depending on the extent of the hike or the number of participants, there just so happens to be a great company with some amazing products to fit your needs.The HydroBlu Jerry CanFor our most recent hike down into the Grand Canyon we needed lots of water for all 6 of us. That is a lot of water for each of us to drink and use to boil for food and a ...READ MORE

Will It Filter Wednesday - Spruce Juice (Ep. 10)

Ever wondered what concoctions lumberjacks come up with in their free time? Well, this week Lumberjack Larry shows us how to make his legendary Spruce Juice. Larry uses the HydroBlu Pressurized Jerry Can Water Filter to filter his juice for safety. What should we filter next? Leave a comment below with your suggestion. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel HERE. ...READ MORE