Tote 10L Gravity Bag Replacement

Renovo Water

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The Tote 10L Gravity Bag is a replacement bag for the MUV Tote Gravity Water Filter System and MUV Eclipse Water Filter. It can also be used with any of the MUV water filters if you have a different system that does not include the gravity bag already. Simply add the MUV water filter, PRE+28 Connector, and hose adapter.

To use the gravity bag, open the top opening and dip it into your water source. Once the bag is full, roll the top of the gravity bag over itself a few times and clip the included buckle closed. The included strap acts as a shoulder carry strap and also allows you to hang the gravity bag from a tree or other elevated surface.

Warranty Info

Tote 10L Gravity Bag Replacement Features:

  • 10L gravity bag for use with water filters
  • Includes: gravity bag, hose, hose clamp, quick connect, quick connect port, and strap for hanging the gravity bag
  • Ideal for filter water for small groups
  • Water filter sold separately