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The pressurized Jerry Can was created to provide high quality water quickly and efficiently. It's internal filtration system along with a hand pump make it easy to filter large amounts of water while camping, traveling, or in the case of emergencies.

The Pressurized Jerry Can Water Filter is lightweight, which allows for easy carry for filling from almost any water source. With a two stage filter system, water taste and clarity are enhanced, while removing harmful bacteria, chemicals, metals, sediments, and other contaminates.

Built to exceed the standards of the EPA, the dual filter system boasts an activated charcoal filter and a hollow fiber ultra-filtration membrane filter. Activated charcoal removes heavy metals, such as iron and lead, while absorbing the dirty taste of water. Additionally, it removes unseen chemicals and improves the clarity of water. The hollow fiber filter works through size exclusion. Dozens of tubes have microscopic holes (0.1 microns), which allow clean water to pass and creates a barrier to 99.999% of damaging bacteria, Giardia, E. coli, protozoan cysts and Cryptosporidium. At any time this filter can be cleared out from any sediment or contaminants that have blocked the holes by backflushing. Simply run clean water through the outflow side of the filter. This will increase the flow of the filter, as well as the life of the filter.

This entire purification process is automated by pressurizing the Jerry Can with the non-electric pump. The low-resistance pumping action gives a nearly effortless experience so that a young child could pressurize the system. Pressurizing the Jerry Can pushes the unfiltered water through the innovative two stage filter system and produces better tasting, clear filtered water for cooking, drinking, or any other use.

Product Weight: 6.10 lbs. 

User Manual

How to Backflush a Jerry Can Filter

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  • Removes 99.999% of all bacteria, such as E.coli, salmonella, and cholera. It also removes 99.999% of all protozoan cysts, including giardia, cryptosporidium and other protozoa.
  • 0.1 Micron hollow fiber membrane
  • Perfect for camping, travel and for emergency situations
  • Flow rate of 1 gallon in 3 minutes
  • Activated Carbon storage compartments


  • 1 – Pressurized Jerry Can
  • 1 – 0.1 Hollow fiber filter
  • 1 - Activated charcoal filter


  • Filter Material: Activated Charcoal and Hollow Fiber (in separate filters
  • Removes: chemicals, heavy metals, discoloration, Bacteria, Protozoan cysts, Giardia, Cryptosporidium, E. Coli, and Salmonella
  • Filter Life: up to 10,000 gallons
  • Filter Capacity (size): 15 liters or 4 gallons
  • Weight: 4.7 lbs
  • BPA Free
  • Dimensions: 14" x 13.5" x 8"

Manufactured by HydroBlu

Add Virus protection to your Jerry Can by purchasing the 0.02 Micron Hollow Fiber Filter, which is sold separately.

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  • 1
    Don’t buy...

    Posted by Mike N on May 19th 2021

    I would not recommend buying the Jerry can. The filter stops allowing water to be pumped through after a month or two. I’ve had this can for a year now and went on 5-6 camping trip. After each trip, less and less water comes out so that now it’s useless. I will try drilling holes in the filter to allow better water flow. I’ll just need to fill with clean water since this will compromise the filtering system. Better than having a useless Jerry can.

  • 5
    Outstanding Survivalist Water...

    Posted by James Long on Oct 20th 2020

    This is a perfect sized water filter that equips the user with great quality of water anywhere! We constructed and reliable to support an important element to anyone's survival! I will buy an additional as a backup.

  • 5
    Disappointed and haven't given up.

    Posted by PETER O REILLY on Oct 7th 2020

    I've had my Hydrpblu Jerry Can three weeks now. The taste of the water is fantastic; the best ever. The problem is that after 20 gallons the water flow has decreased by 2/3rds. My water source has been potable water faucets in forest service campgrounds. Assuming I just got a defective filter for some reason. I'm hoping a replacement filter does the job. Taste fantastic; flow rate disappointing with the first filters.

  • 5
    Great Campsite...

    Posted by Stephen Landau on Sep 1st 2020

    I purchases the Pressurized Jerry Can after seeing a friends during a camp trip and we just used it on our last trip. I love being able to have filtered water at the site and the fact that I can use it for washing, cooking, drinking, etc. The only thing I wasn’t impressed with was the spray attachment. It allows for easier washing, with the extended hose, but the water just trickles out. Probably better off just buying some hose and doing without the spray tip.

  • 5

    Posted by John Donnelly on Aug 17th 2020

    The exact water purification device I was seeking. Easy to use portable and excellent water

  • 5

    Posted by Emily Mahovic on Jul 23rd 2020

    Perfact for car camping and hurricane getaway. I know I'll always have safe water.

  • 5

    Posted by anthony ilacqua on Jul 21st 2020

    Great product. Works perfect for camping. Would buy another one!

  • 5
    Hydro Blu...

    Posted by Joseph Jun on Jul 20th 2020

    Received in a timely manner and provided fresh clean water when off-grid. Just be careful not to pump too much air into the container because it will start to bloat!

  • 5

    Posted by Christian Kepler on Jul 15th 2020

    I have not tasted the results of the HydroBlu pressurized Jerry can yet. I've bought it more for filtering bottled water that I store in large emergency containers for long-term water storage just for emergencies. Also, it will be used during camping trips in addition and after using a Katadyn Pro water filter... It's not over kill...the Katadyn will extend the life of the HydroBlu pressurized jerry can's filters. I love the heavy construction and high quality of the HydroBlu.

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