HydroBlu Ambassador Highlight: Cycling Lily

Cycling seems like a daunting sport to get into. Lily Peck's father had been cycling and racing mountain bikes for years but it wasn't until she competed in her first race in 2013 that finally got her hooked for life. Here at HydroBlu her story intrigued us and we thought she might help us to get a little more insight into the world of cycling. What was a memorable moment for you out there? "It would have to be acing in the 2017 USA Cycling Short Track MTB National Championships in the summer. Having just finished a 2,000 ride across the country with a group called deCycles, I d ...READ MORE

Fresh Taste of India

Want a little taste of India? Thanks to Jessica, she helps us step into this fun, exciting, friendly and vibrant culture. Your best friend getting married is a pretty good excuse to travel into India and appreciate the rituals in a Hindu wedding. While there, try some butter chicken, lassi, sugar cane or homemade chai! Watch out for wildlife like monkeys amongst the lush vegetation and breathtaking views. Where cities are made up of buildings stacked into steep hillsides, its people enveloped in brilliant colors, overwhelming exotic smells, and take no heed of traffic signals. On her travels, ...READ MORE

Run Like A Girl

Hailey Van Dyk, is a Co-founder of Run Like a Girl. A community of female athletes who believe in encouraging others to live life with passion.They share incredible stories of achievement and a life of fitness and health. Hailey keeps us inspired as a trail runner, dog lover, awesome wife, ER nurse, and traveller.  She took a few moments to give us some great insight to living healthy, conquering your fears and how empowering chasing adventures can be with RLAG, while staying hydrated with HydroBlu. How did your Organization begin? "Courtney and I stared Run Like a Girl as a wa ...READ MORE

Hurricane Relief in Puerto Rico provided by Works of Power Inc and HydroBlu

 Last year after the Category 5 Hurricane Maria hit the Caribbean, devastating Puerto Rico and pushing the island's 3.4 million residents into desperate humanitarian crisis. Nearly every home was without power. Food, fuel, medicine, and clean water were a scarcity. The Works of Power Team quickly learned of the crisis the people of Puerto Rico were in and decided to act by creating a "Relief Effort". "A group of nine members from our team visited Puerto Rico in November of 2017 to areas of the island that were significantly impacted by the natural disasters to bring aide to ...READ MORE

Ambassador Spotlight: Holin Down the Trail

If you saw Holin in the supermarket she wouldn't appear to be as superhuman as she really is. She isn't exceptionally tall, have enormous muscles that look like they were painted on, or wear a cape but she can haul.  By day she is a wife to a fighter pilot, mother of two, and the economic development director for Weber County. By late afternoon Holin is a mountain trail runner that always has a smile from ear to ear with an awesome trucker's hat. HydroBlu caught up with Holin to get some tips on trail running and try to find out why she is so happy in a sport that is ...READ MORE

Ending the Water Crisis in Balan, Haiti

The world water crisis is a continuous problem with over 663 million people not having access to clean water. Haiti have been more affected by this problem than other nations especially since the earthquake in 2010 Haiti as it is still recovering. Rev. Larry Bailey Jr. and his wife wanted to serve others and while on a mission trip they found their long-term area of service in Balan, Haiti which has turned into an extreme effort of love. Here is Larry’s story in his own words: Several years ago, my wife and I went with a large group to do Mission work in Haiti. We ended up in Balan, H ...READ MORE

HydroBlu Announces Lightweight Go Flow Water Gravity Bag for All Outdoor Activities

October 27, 2017 (Salt Lake City, UT) -- Keeping water filtration lightweight and simple water filter company HydroBlu has launched the Go Flow, a Water Gravity Bag compatible with other lightweight filters.The Go Flow is a 10-liter roll-top style dry bag made of good grade Thermoplastic Polyurethane Plastic (TPU) that is filled with water and filtered through a quick connector and hose with a gravity filter such as the Versa Flow Water Filter. The entire gravity filter system can be packed into a small bag weighing 8.8 ounces and 9 ounces with the Versa Flow gravity filter."The Go Flow is a s ...READ MORE

Mega-Stash: Gear Scavenger Hunt - Coming to a City Near You

Are you ready for the Mega-Stash event? HydroBlu has teamed up with 7 other awesome companies to provide you the ultimate gear stash event. FREE gear will be stashed in eight different cities across the West Coast and the first one to find it take the spoils.HydroBlu as partnered with Madera Outdoors , PR Bar, Roam Products, Sweetwood Smokehouse Jerky, LTD. Optics, Small Town Big Family, and 3V Gear each providing gear, snack, and merch for your scavenging hunt pleasure. Learn more about each brand below.Every Saturday HydroBlu's Instagram will announce the location to find the gear stash and ...READ MORE

Top Five Must Visit Hikes in Arizona

Arizona never ceases to amaze me, with endless days of sun. How can you not head outside to explore? I have ventured countless miles across the desert and mountains but there is still an ever-growing bucket list of places to explore. From all of the places I have visited, I would HIGHLY recommend visiting the following five place as a day hike or weekend trip, accompanied by a fun, outdoors loving, group of friends of course.1. Havasu Falls This place has a special place in my heart as it was one of my very first backpacking trip. The turquoise waterfalls are blowing up all over social ...READ MORE

Hiking Ninjas - Coming to a Hiking Trail Near You, or Are They?

Have you ever been walking down the trail on a hiking trip or a day hike and suddenly see “something”? It could be lions and tigers and bears oh my! Or could it be a Ninja? While there may not be Ninjas on the trail, Cuong Nguyen and Vince Velasco are trying to change that.As co-workers, Vince and Cuong started hiking together about a year and a half ago. They enjoyed the fun of going on hiking adventures and discovering new places. Together they have hiked over 50 trails together, including the recent completion of the six pack of peaks in SoCal. They have found waterfalls, explored caves and ...READ MORE