8 Camping Problems You Will Never Have Again with the Pressurized Jerry Can

8 Camping Problems You Will Never Have Again with the Pressurized Jerry Can

Sep 15th 2017

Have you ever run out of water while camping? Do you have a pump water filter that gives you 1 oz for every 1000 pumps? Running out of water is a total buzz kill especially when you have to use way too much energy for such a little amount of water.

Now there are solutions to these problems as chemicals and heavy filters have can improve your water but they have some not so tasty side effects and may cause sore back syndrome. Designed to decrease back problems, improve taste, and filter water more effectively the HydroBlu Pressurized Jerry Can Water Filter is the answer to these problems and more. Here are eight problems you never have to worry about again while camping with the Jerry Can:

1.) Problem: Carrying gallons of extra water takes too much space.

Say goodbye to all that extra water and hello to all that extra space. With the Jerry Can you can refill it every time it's empty. Free up all that space since all you need is a creek, river, or lake.

2.) Problem: Drinking unwanted bacteria and other contaminates.

The hollow fiber filter will remove 99.999% of bacteria such as E. coli, Salmonella, and cholera and the active carbon filter improves the taste color and also removes heavy metals. The Jerry Can will even remove viruses. The standard hollow fiber filter measures 0.1 microns while the virus protection filter measures 0.02 microns. This smaller pore size in the hollow fiber tubes will remove 99.999% of bacteria and viruses.

3.) Problem: Camping supply costs are higher than expected.

While preparing for any camping trip the cost of food, supplies, and camp grounds adds up, sometimes too up. Simple food can cost much more than expected, not to mention water for drinking, hygiene, and everything else. With the Jerry Can you will shave the costs of buying bottled water or refills at the grocery store. While it is an investment up front you will never have to buy water the rest of your life.

4.) Problem: No clean water at the camp site.

What's worse, showing up to a campground to find that they don't have a clean water source or that they don't have any spots? Well, both! Either way, you don't have water. Regardless of where you go the Jerry Can will provide you with filtered water, probably better quality than the water at the campground.

5.) Problem: Don't want to drink water because it tastes bad.

There are plenty of ways to purify your water with chemicals; bleach drops, iodine tablets, or any number of products. While they make your water safe they leave your mouth tasting like an industrial cleaner. Activated carbon with Ion Exchange beads adsorbs heavy metals and chemicals and improve the taste of water. Additionally, they remove any discoloration from the water as well. You don't have to taste bleach every time you take a drink.

6.) Problem: Using so much energy for so little water.

Filtering water should not be a workout. Pump filters can be exhausting and can cause us to not want to drink our needed water every day because we have to go pump until our arms fall off. The HydroBlu Jerry Can can be fully pressurized with as little as 10-15 pumps and this pressure will push all four gallons through the two stage filter.

7.) Problem: Camping is so dirty.

It's clear that the outdoors are not clean however each one of us needs some hygiene to stay healthy. The Jerry Can's shower attachment is an easy way to maintain healthy hygiene practices. Cleaning your dishes, your children, or yourself can be as simple as pumping up your Jerry Can.

8.) Problem: Drinking safe water is a guessing game.

Most campers will encounter a moment where they choose to gamble if water is clean or not. Thousands of mental lists of pros and cons have been created by each of us as we sit next to the creek that may or may not be safe to drink. To drink or not to drink, that is the question. Stop guessing! Your health is too important. Guessing if water is safe is a gamble you should never take.

These eight problems are common to every camper but they don't have to be your problems anymore with HydroBlu's Pressurized Jerry Can. It is the perfect water filtration system for any camper or outdoor traveler.