Reviewer Spotlight

Todd Sepulveda demonstrates how to DIY a family water filter and takes us step-by-step setup of VersaFlow water filter and our bucket adapter kit. Todd operates Prepper Website HERE. What this site lacks in design, it more than makes up for with great content and authenticity. ...READ MORE

Will It Filter Wednesday - Maple Syrup (Ep. 09)

We've all had that question...will maple syrup filter through a HydroBlu Versa Flow Filter? Today is the day to answer that question. With some help from our maple syrup expert, Lumberjack Larry, we will get to the bottom of this question What should we filter next? Leave a comment below with your suggestion. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel HERE. ...READ MORE

Will It Filter Wednesday - Oktoberfest (Ep. 01)

Have you ever been at your local Oktoberfest and wondered, "Will my beer filter through a water filter?". Well, we have! We asked Professor Van Waterstein to help us filter some of his Oktoberfest beer through the HydroBlu Go Flow Gravity System and Light-weight Versa Flow Water Filter. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel HERE. ...READ MORE