Ambassador Spotlight: Holin Down the Trail

If you saw Holin in the supermarket she wouldn't appear to be as superhuman as she really is. She isn't exceptionally tall, have enormous muscles that look like they were painted on, or wear a cape but she can haul. 

By day she is a wife to a fighter pilot, mother of two, and the economic development director for Weber County. By late afternoon Holin is a mountain trail runner that always has a smile from ear to ear with an awesome trucker's hat.

HydroBlu caught up with Holin to get some tips on trail running and try to find out why she is so happy in a sport that is very challenging. 

How did you get into running?

"It wasn’t until after college that I fell in love with running. Sure… there was high school cross country (I actually won the state championship one year), but running was only something I did in the off season to stay in shape to play basketball. Then after two years of playing collegiate ball and multiple repeat injuries, I finally realized that my body was never going to last competing in that sport. It was then that I turned back to running as my outlet for activity and competition."

State Champ? To legit to quit! So how did you get into trail running? 

"In 2008, I chased a handsome fighter pilot to the mountains of Northern Utah and truly fell in love with trail running. I found freedom in exploring the local dirt trails; finding hidden waterfalls, hitting peaks with endless views, chasing the sunrise over the horizon, and seeing the same trails with new eyes as every season covers them with their beauty.

Life is crazy and I find my sanity, strength, rejuvenation, patience, and laughter when I’m lost in the mountains. For me, it’s not about being the fastest runner, but experiencing the journey and making memories and friendships along the way."

Wow! #impressed. For those that are new to trail running what are the top pieces of gear they should take?

"It’s easy to compile a list of must-haves when trail running that include: good trail shoes, water, comfortable running clothes, but this list is a few of the lesser known creature comforts of the trails:

  1. Lip Balm – is always carry lip cream. You will be surprised at how dry it can get on the mountain. My lip cream doubles to protect against chafing as well so it’s an important win-win.
  2. Breakfast tacos – yes, that’s right. Lately I’ve been bagging some steep peaks with a couple great friends. We take turns as to who will cook up the egg and bacon tacos. They are super easy to carry in your pack and they make the perfect reward for standing on a peak. Also, it’s a good mix of carbs and protein for a long run.
  3. Toilet Paper – yes, just trust me.
  4. Mapping Apps – I always carry my cell phone with me. I’ve purchased two different trail map apps, Gaia and onXHunt. Both apps allow you to download your trip prior to heading out. This has been a great feature when I’m in areas with no cell service.
  5. Roller – over the last few months I’ve started to roll out my hips, IT bands, thighs and hamstrings. This 15 minutes is huge in recovery and gets me back out there feeling great."

What are some good practices for training?

"Do what I say, not what I do… You should cross trail. Mix in stretching and core strength training. I’d like to say that I do this regularly, but I don’t. I love to be in the mountains and on the trails so mostly I just run. However, I noticed that when I was doing regular cross training, my body felt strong and oddly enough, I actually found an ab in there."

How does water fit into your preparation, participation, and recovery?

"I carry water with me always, at work, at home, in the car… and I almost always carry water with me even when I’m running less than an hour. For me, it gives me extra confidence because sometime there are just days that you don’t feel 100% and getting a little extra hydration can keep you going. I don’t monitor the amount of water I consume but that’s only because I’ve always been pretty good at staying hydrated. If I’m thirsty, then I know I’m behind. Pay attention to this because it can really make a difference in your performance and your overall health."

How do you use HydroBlu products?

"My Sidekick 3-stage straw water filter stays in my pack ALWAYS. It’s important to be prepared and I can know for sure that I have a backup option if I drink everything that I’m carrying or if I need to help someone else out.

I like it because it's small and light weight… every little ounce of weight can make a difference over the long distance. My ability to stash my straw or the Versa Flow Light-Weight Water Filter in my pack with barely notice it’s there is a huge advantage!"

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Get to Know Holin:

Holin calls the Northern Utah home with her husband and two children. She constantly on the trail and the occasional race but she always has a smile. She is an ambassador with Momentum JewelryRun GumRuhn Co. ApparelLily Trotters CompressionioMerino and HydroBlu. You can follower her on her instagram @holins_trail_hustle.