Versa Flow Light-Weight Water Filter Package

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The Versa Flow Light-Weight Water Filter Package was voted the number one portable survival water filter. Click Here to read the article.

The versatility of the Versa Flow filter now has endless possibilities. This package includes two 64-ounce collapsible canteens, bucket adaptor, hose, and a hose clamp. It easily adapts to your lifestyle and can be screwed onto a plastic water bottle, used in line with your hydration pack, used as a gravity system or bucket filter, or can be used as a straw so you can drink directly from the water source.

The Versa Flow water filter is one of the lightest and most convenient personal water filters anywhere. Weighing in at only 2 ounces and each canteen at 1 ounce you don’t have to worry about adding extra weight your hydration pack or system. It will fit virtually anywhere. This water filter is perfect for backpacking, hiking, camping, travel, and emergency preparedness.

Every filter is built to exacting standards and exceeds EPA standards for filtration. The Versa Flow has many tiny tubes called hollow fiber. Hollow fiber works through size exclusion. The hollow fiber has thousands of tiny holes (0.1 microns) that block 99.9999% of harmful bacteria, Giardia, E. coli, protozoan cysts, Cryptosporidium, and more. These organisms are too large to fit through the 0.1 micron holes. By filtering the water through the outside of the tubes this dramatically increases the surface area and flow rate.

We filter water through the outside of the tubes by bending the hollow fiber. This dramatically increases the surface area and flow rate of the filter while protecting the filter integrity itself. If the core of the tubes become clogged from sediment on the competitors filter you can no use the filter. The Versa Flow allows you to be able to backflush the filter, clearing out all the particulate and increasing the lifespan of the filter. If you consistently backflush the filter you can use it almost indefinitely. This means no additional filters, cartridges, pumps, iodine drops, or batteries to ever buy again.

The Versa Flow water filter does not remove chemicals or viruses from water. Generally, viruses are not found in North America or in municipal water supplies around the world. Check out the Clear Flow if you are concerned about heavy metals or chemicals in your water. Lightweight and low cost, the Versa Flow should be in everyone's backpack, survival gear or travel bag.

Not compatible with Glaceau Smart Water® bottle.


  • The Versa Flow removes 99.999% of all bacteria, such as E.coli, salmonella, and cholera. It also removes 99.999% of all protozoan cysts, including giardia, cryptosporidium and other protozoa.
  • Hollow fiber membrane
  • Attaches to standard plastic bottle with internal 28 mm threading, can be used inline on hydration packs, gravity or bucket system, or used as a straw to drink directly from your water source
  • Perfect for hiking, backpacking, camping, travel and for emergency situations
  • Flow rate of 1 gallon in 5 minutes


  • 1 Versa Flow Filter
  • 2 Collapsible Canteens
  • 1 Bucket Adaptor
  • 1 Clean Hose
  • 1 Hose Clamp


  • Filter Material: Hollow Fiber
  • Removes: Bacteria, Protozoan cysts, Giardia, Cryptosporidium, E. Coli, Salmonella and more
  • Filter Life: up to 100,000 gallons

Not compatible with Glaceau Smart Water® bottle.

Manufactured by HydroBlu

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  • 5
    water filter package

    Posted by c. on Apr 23rd 2019

    very easy

  • 5
    Nice and easy to use

    Posted by philippe Terrier on Sep 27th 2018

    Good Choice

  • 5
    Water filter

    Posted by Rev. James Ramsey on Aug 29th 2018

    This filter is perfect for the long mountain bike rides I go on every week. It's been working great with no problems at all. I recommend it to everyone. Great for the outdoors.

  • 5
    Amazing value!

    Posted by Quinn on Aug 6th 2018

    Was a little hesitant to rely on a $20 filter to not get sick while backpacking the Unitas. This filter is light weight and convenient. We used the bags it came with as the "dirty" bags and did a gravity feed system with those into our water bottles. Worked great and no one got sick!

  • 4
    New version no longer fits Smart bottles

    Posted by Kenneth Koh on Jun 26th 2018

    This is my 2nd Hydroblu Versa Flow. The new one is better designed but no longer fits Smart water bottles. You have to use a soda bottle instead. The new one has caps at both ends, so you don't have to worry about leaking if you take your filter into your sleeping bag at night, and a bottle will also screw into the clean end for back flushing without requiring a separate gadget.

  • 5
    Five Stars

    Posted by greengarden on Jun 25th 2018

    Good for emergencies

  • 4
    I like it a lot so far

    Posted by Ricardo De Ycaza on Jun 15th 2018

    I didn't see many reviews by backpackers, so Let me see if I can help a bit.
    Used the sawyer mini for a couple of weeks, really did hate the flow rate. So went back to the sawyer squeeze.
    I ate up the extra oz, in benefit of a better flow rate. Which I love. But then I saw a couple of thru hikers reviewing this.
    So I ordered it, opened it, weight it dry and was 1.4 oz, and 1.8 wet (shaking all the water I could.)
    Then I did a test and tried to filter tab water to a 1.25 lt Aquafina water bottle.
    ( I don't squeeze my bags, just gravity) tested them with evernew bags, The squeeze did it in 2 minutes 23 seconds, while this clocked at 2 min, 15 seconds, so it is a faster filter and lighter.
    Yes this has a shorter life span than either sawyer, but really???? Are you really going to filter even that much?
    The threads also work perfectly with platypuss bags. No leakage whatsoever vs any sawyer which will leak on platys.
    So far so good, the taste is a little hosey, which I like though I think by this weekend the hosey flavor should be gone.
    the back flushing is a little simpler, just use any clean water bottle with clean water and put it against the clean side, it will sort of create a seal with a rubberized part it has on the fron, and squeeze some water into that for a couple of times.. Works really well.
    It is slightly larger and bulkier than the mini.

    I will continue to use it almost every weekend I go backpacking. But will keep my squeeze just in case I have to back to it.

    Update: the hosey smell went away after a couple of litters.

  • 5
    Love it!

    Posted by sampon Gilson on May 14th 2018

    Been waiting to have the bucket adaptor back! The canteens are extremely lightweight as simplistic. The updated version of the Versa Flow with this pack is even better! love the double sided threads on both sides makes the flushing process a lot easier.

  • 5
    Five Stars

    Posted by rkeally on May 8th 2018

    Great flow rate, recently filtered lake water in the backcountry and water tasted great. Happy with my purchase.

  • 4
    Four Stars

    Posted by Md. Tanveer Yasser on Apr 13th 2018

    Fast filter. Does not fit many water bottles as threads are not same spacing.

  • 5
    Lightweight and Compact, Perfect for Emergency ...

    Posted by M. Hill on Apr 7th 2018

    I purchased two of these for our emergency supplies and they're smaller than I expected (compared to the Lifestraw) so they take up less space, which is great! They're also lightweight as described. If you need to supply water for multiple people, for cooking, or to filter a large amount of water (I do recommend LifeStraw for individual water filtration) this Versa Flow is excellent! It gives you the ability to collect the filtered water and includes the hose you need plus an attachment which is very convenient.

  • 5
    Gravity is the best way

    Posted by Henry B. on Mar 7th 2018

    This is so incredibly versatile! I love this thing. No stomach issues becuase it actually does what it says it will do. Super cheap compared to other options.