Loma Linda University Partners with HydroBlu to Providing Clean Water Relief to Puerto Rico

Since the Category 5 Hurricane Maria hit the Caribbean where have been countless problems facing those impacted by the mid-September tropical storm one of which is clean water. The majority of the damage occurred on the island nation of Puerto Rico with estimates of $103.45 billion.

The School of Nursing at Loma Linda University knew that their sister school, The Universidad Adventista de las Antillas, was among the impacted areas and they wanted to help and protect their fellow students. Loma Linda University partnered with HydroBlu to provide the 700 staff and student in Puerto Rico with the Versa Flow Water Filter.

Sending packages to Puerto Rico with messages from Loma Linda University and Hydroblu

Due to the storm, communication and logistics proved difficult but a plan was created within weeks of the storm and filters arrived in Puerto Rico with messages of encouragement and support from their brother and sisters in the United States. Students and staff celebrated to each receive the versatile water filter.

The HydroBlu Versa Flow was selected as the best water filtration system to send as it can filter 10,000+ of water removing sediments, 99.999% of bacteria and protozoans. Additionally, the filter can be used in many different ways as it can screw onto a standard water bottle, connected into a gravity system, used as an inline filter, or even as a straw allowing students and staff to use them as they needed for their individual or family needs.

The joy of clean water in Puerto Rico

While there still much devastation throughout Puerto Rico the lives of many have been changed for the better thanks to the support of the staff, students, and alumni at the School of Nursing at Loma Linda University.

Together we can accomplish more! Do you want to partner with HydroBlu and help end the world water crisis? Contact us directly at at support@hydroblu.com or 385-645-7550.

Everyone had smile in Puerto Rico with the Versa Flow Water Filters

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