Ending the Water Crisis in Balan, Haiti

The world water crisis is a continuous problem with over 663 million people not having access to clean water. Haiti have been more affected by this problem than other nations especially since the earthquake in 2010 Haiti as it is still recovering. Rev. Larry Bailey Jr. and his wife wanted to serve others and while on a mission trip they found their long-term area of service in Balan, Haiti which has turned into an extreme effort of love. Here is Larry’s story in his own words:


HydroBlu Announces Lightweight Go Flow Water Gravity Bag for All Outdoor Activities

The Go Flow is a 10-liter roll-top style dry bag made of good grade Thermoplastic Polyurethane Plastic (TPU) that is filled with water and filtered through a quick connector and hose with a gravity filter such as the Versa Flow Water Filter. The entire gravity filter system can be packed into a small bag weighing 8.8 ounces and 9 ounces with the Versa Flow gravity filter.


Mega-Stash: Gear Scavanger Hunt - Coming to a City Near You

HydroBlu has teamed up with 7 other brands to present the Mega-Stash event! Across 8 cites FREE gear will be stashed at the top of mountains, the end of a trail, or high in the trees and the first one there wins! Learn More


At the top of Mt. Humphrey at 12,633 feet.

Arizona has much more that iconic cowboy movie backdrops, desert, and the Grand Canyon. It is full of towering mountians above the clouds and deep cut river canyons. Local explore and HydroBlu Ambassador Berit Lynn gives points on the top five MUST SEE hikes in Arizona.


Hiking Ninjas - Coming to a Hiking Trail Near You, or Are They?

Hiking is an great hobby that has brought extentise joy to countless travels. For two adventurers the thrill of hiking needed something more so they became the hiking ninjas. As they hike the use their ninja skills to conquer high places or disappear into the forest and they are inviting others to join them.


Five Great Tips to Make Outdoor Adventure with Children Easier

So you want to be an outdoor parent and teach your children about nature, easy right? Getting out with children is often much more challenging. Lynzy Terbosic is a fully committed adventurer and she has the same troubles. She gives fives tips that have them change her family's outdoor experience.


Sidekick Straw Filter vs Walmart Toilet Gear Review

Check out Drop Forged Survival as he puts HydroBlu's Sidekick 3-stage Straw Water Filter to the test againist a very dangerous and formitable foe, a Walmart toilet.


3 Major Pitfalls to Avoid in Moab

Are you headed to Moab? Make sure you follow the crowds and believe everything you read on the internet...NOT. Learn from for local tour guide Nicole Carter as she explains the major pitfalls of most travelers to the Moab area.


8 Camping Problems You Will Never Have Again with the Pressurized Jerry Can

Are you tired of working so hard to find or filter clean water while camping? Getting clean water doesn't have to be so hard. This water filter will solve eight problems that you face evey camping trip.


5 Miracles of Service from the Brown Horse Projects Dominican Republic Mission Trip

True service is shown through giving of our time, money, and effort. With the support of HydroBlu non-profit organization Brown Horse Projects traveled to the Dominican Republic on a mission trip to establish health clinics and complete water improvement projects to locals and Haitian refugees. Along the way they encounted many miricles. Here are five amazing mircles that occured from their service.


HydroBlu and rovor partnership

HydroBlu Announces Collaboration Partnership with Outdoor Gear Membership Club Rovor

In an effort to provide outdoor club members with better products Rovor and HydroBlu have partnered together to collaborate on member focused products. Both organizations are centered on bringing high quality products to customers/members at an affordable price. Together they plan on opening the doors to the outdoors for many.


Survivalist Prepper Gear Review: Jerry Can

Dale from the Survivalist Prepper gives an extensive review of the Pressurized Jerry Can including in the field testing. The Survivalist Prepper has become a leader the the prepping community with a featued Podcast and Academy.


HydroBlu Launches Sidekick 3-Stage Straw Water Filter

Lighter, stronger, and more effective. The Sidekick 3-Stage Water Filter is the ulimate straw water filter to innovate how light wieght water filtration. With modern precision the Sidekick removes 99.999% of bacteria and much more!


The best overland water system review by 4x4 expert

Overland Water Filter System: HydroBlu Jerry Can Review

Ready to improve your overland travel experience with the HyrdoBlu Pressured Jerry Can? Overland enthusiast, Travis Hess, explains everything that you need to know about the Pressurized Jerry Can as a water system for any your next overland trek.


HydroBlu Introduces a Pressurized Water Filter That Removes Chemicals, Bacteria, Viruses and More

HydroBlu Introduces a Pressurized Water Filter That Removes Chemicals, Bacteria, Viruses and More

Pushing the boundries of innovations HydroBlu has released a pressurized water filter that removes chemicals, bacteria, viruses and more. The jerry can style provides the perfect solution for water filtration while camping, traveling, or emergency preparedness.


Mission work in the Dominican Republic proving better water

HydroBlu Filters Photo Journey: Dominican Republic

Follow Brown Horse Projects as they travel through the Dominican Republic on a mission trip to provide medical and water improvement resources to local Dominicans and refuge Haitians displaced from the devastating earthquake that affected so many in Haiti.


3 Easy Ways to Source Water in the Backcountry

3 Easy Ways to Source Water in the Backcountry

Going on a hike or backpacking trip seems like a simple task until you think about the basic essentials of water, food, shelter, the list never seems to end. Getting outdoors doesn't have to be so complicated as wilderness instructor Sarah explains three simple ways to source water in the backcountry. You'll be surprised with how simple it can be.


Giving Refuge to the Refugee in the Dominican Republic

Giving Refuge to the Refugee in the Dominican Republic

Thousands of people within the Dominican Republic don't have access to safe water nor medical care. These people are both Dominican and Haitian Refugees. With no help in sight good Samaritans like an Ohio based non-profit, Brown Horse Projects, has teamed up with HydroBlu to alleviate the burden of so many who have not refuge from the storm.


Amanda Edmonds tells you how to be prepared to be an adventure mother

Are You Prepared for Adventure as a Mother: Must Read Interview with Amanda Edmonds

Don't know if you heard, motherhood is hard. It is even harder if you want to take your children on camping trips, hiking, and any sort of spontaneous adventure. The HydroBlu Staff interviewed local adventure mom Amanda Edmonds for helpful hints on how to be prepared as a mother for adventure. Amanda goes on hikes every other day and camping or rock climbing almost every weekend of the year with her daughter, 3, and son, 9.


Sam Carpenter and HydrBlu team up to help Haiti with water crisis

Helping 3.16 Million Haitians with Clean Water, One Person at a Time

Getting a drink of clean water is a simple task to the majority of first world countries. In Haiti 52% of their rural population does not have access to safe drinking water and 81% doesn’t have access to sanitation facilities. Sam Carpenter and HydroBlu teamed up to help 3.16 million Haitians gain access to safe water, one family at a time.

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