Are You Prepared for Adventure as a Mother: Must Read Interview with Amanda Edmonds

It’s common knowledge that motherhood is hard but adventure mothers that want to raise children with a strong connection to nature is a dramatic struggle between preparation, gumption, and full on wrestling with children to put on their coats. Not to mention where to go hiking, is there safe water on the trial, and what insects, plants, or animals can harm your children.

Being an Adventure Mother is easier said than done. Preparation for the those spontaneous adventures takes significant work or does it? The HydroBlu staff asked Amanda Edmonds, local Adventure Mama, for her thoughts on preparing for those moments that every Adventure Mother wants.

HydroBlu Staff: How do you get out and adventure so much?
Amanda Edmonds: Adventure is a mind set. I get asked that question frequently. I get it; life gets so busy especially once you have kids. It’s so easy to get caught up in the details of day to day stuff. The answer is simple, MAKE time. You have to make adventure a priority. Sounds easy right?

HB: With children ages 3 and 9, how do you make time get out and adventure?
AE: Start small. Schedule in a day to adventure and arrange everything around it. All the fun stuff like cleaning and errands can be done later. I just put them lower on my list and try to squeeze them in when I can. Eventually it becomes habit and gets easier. I mean why waste an entire day cleaning and running errands?! Yuck! I always say I prefer a messy house and adventure over a spotless house and no time outside.

HB: When it comes to gear, how do you pick the right gear?
AE: First step is to figure out what you want to do and research what will make it easier. There are so many amazing resources available to adventure parents to help find the gear that makes adventure a little easier.

HB: What gear would you suggest to other Adventure Mothers like you?
AE: Some of my favorite pieces of adventure gear as an adventure parent are:

  • Deuter Kid Comfort III - This has paid for itself many times over. It’s so comfortable and adjustable for mom or dad, has a sunshade, a spot for your water bladder and a small pack for snacks and miscellaneous stuff you may need.
  • Kidco Peapod - This is perfect for younger kids and was a lifesaver for my little lady. It’s a safe enclosed shaded space to play and take naps. This is a pop up tent so it’s super easy to pack and bring along.
  • JJ Cole Outdoor Blanket - Who doesn’t love a blanket? Especially a water resistant one! This blanket is super durable and folds up with a carrying strap and is so much better than sitting on the dusty rocky ground.
  • HydroBlu Clear Flow Water Bottle - This is a great way to provide safe, clean water for your kiddos. It protects your family from bacteria, sediments, and heavy metals.

HB: Any tips on being prepared for all the needs of children?
AE: This happens naturally the more you get out. You get better at organizing and packing what you need. I am a pro at getting organized for hiking and rock climbing. This winter I realized I was definitely not a packing pro for hiking in snow, at least at first. It’s a learning curve and it’s okay to be a little clueless in the beginning. You start to learn and figure out what you need for you.

HB: Any items that help you make the adventure easier?
AE: I keep the staple items like baby wipes, chapstick, plastic bags, sunscreen, extra hair ties and my Leatherman always in my pack. This way all I need to grab is my pack, a blanket and some snacks. Snacks make adventure so much easier. I always pack lunches even if we aren’t going for long, you would be surprised by how hungry kids get while running around and hiking.

HB: Any advice for your fellow adventurers that are still on the fense?
AE: You can do hard things. You can get outdoors with your kids. It is so rewarding and worth the effort. Once this becomes your way of life the packing becomes second nature. It doesn’t seem like work. Kids and parents thrive in nature.

Amanda Edmands is a local adventure mother that uses HydroBlu

Get to Know Amanda:

Amanda calls the Salt Lake Valley home with her husband, 9 year old son, and 4 year old daughter. Being in the outdoors is a daily priority which ranges from rock climbing trips to simple time in their yard. She is a conversationalist, adventure parent, and guest blogger. She is involved with Wasatch Little Explorers Club and Save Bonanza Flats Project. She is an ambassador with Born Wild Project and Tiny Big Adventure. You can follower her on her instagram @adventuringwithkids.



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