Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief

$10.00 - $100.00

Since the Category 5 Hurricane Maria hit the Caribbean there have been countless problems facing those impacted by the 2017 mid-September tropical storm, one of which is clean water. The majority of the damage from the hurricane occurred on the island nation of Puerto Rico with estimates of $103.45 billion.

The outreach to the island has been incredible but recovery from such damage will take years. Many remote locations will never receive support. This is not right and we aim to change that.

We have partnered with three different organizations that visit locations throughout the island and provide immediate help, training local individuals, and follow up visits to ensure that efforts are long-lasting. Since disaster recovery is a long process it is important that support is continued through continuous efforts over years. Often times disaster relief programs only provide first response support but it is not the answer to full rehabilitation.

Your donation will provide help towards maintaining and/or replacing filter systems in specific communities that have received first response aid but are no longer supported by government programs.