Nigeria None Left Behind

$10.00 - $100.00

The simple actions of one individual might be small but over time those small efforts will result in great changes in the lives of thousands of people. The efforts of Sister Rosemany of the Centre for Women’s Studies and Intervention (CWSI) in Nigeria are an example of some efforts making a huge difference. In the past year over 2,500 Nigerians have received clean water however when 30% of the nation's population lacks clean water there is still much work that needs to be done.

The CWSI began their ministry in 1999 and with a motto of ‘Thirst for the Fuller Life’. The CWSI provides programs that empower women to stand up for their rights while improving their social, economic, and physical circumstances with support. Sister Rosemary has traveled to the United Nations in New York to speak about their efforts and find additional support where HydroBlu become one of her water filtration partners.

It is not only about providing clean water to families but helping give women a voice in a culture that does not respect women.

Your donation will help provide more filters to Sister Rosemary as she and her fellow sisters visit remote villages and provide filters, education, and support towards women and the families they support.