Martel BuddyBlinder LED Headlamp

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The Rovor Martel BuddyBlinder is your ideal companion for any trip. At 150 lumens it is bright enough to blind all your buddies. After you blind everyone you can change it to the friendly low mode with a 12 hour run time. The run time in high mode is 4 hours, but your buddies will all leave you before then. Rovor also included two red LED modes in this headlamp. The low red mode has a run time of 30 hours and is ideal for reading at night or hiking without effecting your night vision. The flashing red mode has a run time of 120 hours. We don't know why you would use that though, we just added the blinking feature to one-up the competition. The Martel BuddyBlinder uses 3 AAA batteries that are not included. If you buy a BuddyBlinder for each of your buddies they will forgive you for blinding them. Everyone needs a good headlamp.

We're proud to carry this great 4 Mode LED Headlamp from Rovor Adventure Gear


  • High efficiency LED with 4 modes to meet all your needs: high white, low white, low red, and flashing red
  • 150 Lumens high mode, bright enough to blind your buddy, red LED mode for when you don't want to blind your buddy
  • Rubberized plastic body for lightweight durability; ultra comfortable adjustable headband
  • 4 hour run time in high mode, 12 hours in low mode, 30 hours in red mode, and 120 hours in flashing red mode
  • Lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects, if your light ever burns out, Rovor will replace it, hassle free
  • 3 AAA batteries required

About Rovor Adventure Gear: Rovor takes gear seriously. Every product is engineered and tested to the highest quality standards. They work hard to find the best materials for everything they make. You will be happy with your Rovor Adventure Gear purchase. Every Rovor item comes with a lifetime warranty against manufacture defects.

What's in a name: The Martel BuddyBlinder is named after the explorer and original spelunker Édouard-Alfred Martel. He would have loved to have this headlamp flashlight with him as he explored thousands of caves.

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    exceeded my expectations

    Posted by tiffany thomas on May 29th 2018

    Works great, lamp is bright and lasts for a long time on batteries I put in (not included). I loaned it to my boyfriend when he went in the woods hunting and he said it worked great for him too and I still haven't had to change the batteries yet. it takes up so little space that I think I might buy a few and stash them in my car and in my toolbox, etc. since it's a great tool to have on hand when you need a flashlight.

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    The construction of the item is excellent as well

    Posted by SMR on May 19th 2018

    I have purchased several item from this seller including this one. The quality of all the items I have purchased, have been top notch. As soon as I received this headlamp I installed some batteries an tried it out. Very bright lights on all settings. The construction of the item is excellent as well. Rubberized exterior around the light sure to be water resistant. As well as a tight fit of back cover to keep water out of battery compartment. If your looking for a bright, lite weight headlamp the BuddyBlinder by Rovor is the one to get.

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    Not just for outdoor stuff. Great to use as a h...

    Posted by Patricia on Apr 27th 2018

    Neat little light. It is easy to use. 4 different modes. High and low light and a flashing red. I got this for power outages and close up work in poorly lit areas.

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    If you Need a Headlamp or Haven't Tried One, No...

    Posted by mish21 on Apr 15th 2018

    I Love Love Love this Headlamp! I purchased this Headlamp for a trip I was taking in WA State. We were going to see Boulder Cave and I Really wanted To See It All! I have been there before with cheap flashlights and I decided, this time, I was going in style. This little Headlamp rocked my trip, The difference between hiking with a Headlamp vs. a flashlight is Substantial! A flashlight is all over the place the Headlamp is precisely where you are looking and steady, rock steady. This little Headlamp was easy to adjust, put on, take off, and I was able to use each of the functions effectively. I cannot say enough how much I love this little gadget of mine! If you need a Headlamp or just never had the opportunity to try one, well, Now Is The Time! Get Out There and Have Fun!

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    Excellent Product - Great Value and My New Favo...

    Posted by Leanna Hammond on Apr 2nd 2018

    I've owned my Rovor Martel BuddyBlinder 4 Mode LED Headlamp Flashlight since January - I've used it countless times in many different environments, and have been ecstatic with its quality and performance. I am extremely satisfied with this product for many reasons. A few reasons include: 1. I love that it has four settings. The brightest setting is brighter than any other headlamp I've had. The dimmer setting is perfect for walking around campgrounds at night without shining into other people's tents. My boyfriend also loves when I use the dim setting inside the tent when he is sleeping and I'm still reading. 2. I love the top strap. Until this one, I've only owned headlamps with 1 band. The top head strap is a really great feature because I don't have to strap it so tightly on my head for it to stay in place. It has been perfect to run in, and doesn't slip down. 3. It is waterproof. I love that I can take this out in any element without having to worry about heavy rain or snow.
    I've used this headlamp on winter snowboard excursions - the straps loosen enough to fit over my snowboard helmet which I was pleasantly surprised to discover. I've also used it on night hikes, while camping, and on vacation when my weekend cabin lost power in the middle of a friend-cation. It goes everywhere with me, including my most recent adventure, a 7-day canoe trip down the Allagash Wilderness Waterway. Out on the Allagash I was very satisfied with this headlamp – especially when paddling one night after the sun went down. All in all, I highly recommend this product and this brand!

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    The lamp is not heavy and is comfortable to wear

    Posted by Jonathan I. on Mar 28th 2018

    This is BRIGHT! The top strap keeps the lamp in position. The lamp is not heavy and is comfortable to wear. I will be using the constant red mode a lot to keep my night vision for astronomy. This is the first lamp I've found that has a constant red mode
    The battery compartment opens without difficulty. This is a plus! I own several other lamps that are a pain to switch batteries in.
    Good job Rovor! I recommend this lamp.

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    LOVE this headlamp

    Posted by Dana K. on Feb 10th 2018

    LOVE this headlamp! While other headlamps tend to be dim and uncomfortable, this one is quite the opposite! The light is so bright! Perfect for adventures in the darkness, providing ample visibility for it's wearer, I feel like I wont miss a thing! Unlike other headlamps, the strap is comfortable and sturdy. Other ones I've bought in the past fall apart easily, and even slip off a lot. In order to get it to stay on, it has to be tightened an uncomfortable amount, as if it already wasn't uncomfortable enough. Most of the time, the material is hard and scratchy, but the material of this strap and the foam padding make it very easy and comfortable to wear. I could never see myself purchasing a headlamp from another brand! I'm very happy with my purchase.

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    This headlamp will survive a family of adventur...

    Posted by Bob Koger on Jan 31st 2018

    I actually purchased four of these because we are a family of adventurers. I've been very frustrated with the quality of other headlamps we have purchased in the past, as they seem to fall apart quickly with family use (I swear we haven't found any that have survived more than one Campout with our kids). So I was really excited to find out that Rovor makes headlamps! We have purchased other camping gear from them and LOVED everything so far.
    The lamp is VERY bright and sturdy. I like that the head band keeps it in place, and is
    adjustable, but doesn't come off (my kids tend to lose the straps, which kinda makes the headlamp pointless). The straps are comfortable as well as the foam padding on the back of the lamp. The case is rubberized - I honestly threw it on my tile floor a few times to see how it would hold up (because my kids have broken several of our past headlamps by simply dropping them on the floor) . No problems! Very sturdy! The angle adjustment for the light is also sturdy, as well as the battery casing. It was a little tricky to get the battery casing off the first time, but I prefer that to previous headlamps we've owned that unexpectedly pop apart from the battery compartment or the side clasps break off- I don't think that will be a problem for this lamp. A coupon was used to purchase this headlamp and I was asked to leave an honest review.

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    (which is perfect for reading)

    Posted by BA on Jan 27th 2018

    This suits my needs perfectly. I was looking for something bright enough for me to get around if I lose power and something I can still use to read. The center light is the brightest; this will all really depend what you want to use the headlamp for. I think it is very bright. When you push the button; instead of the bright light dimming, it uses just the two little side lights, (which is perfect for reading), then of course you have your solid red and flashing red. The angle adjustment is very sturdy and will not loosen from the strap. Some headlamps compromise that, this does not.

    I love that the weight is extremely light and the best part of this is the head strap, it will NOT slide down, that center piece really makes it stay in place and keeps the lamp steady.

    The only problem I had was getting the back off to put the batteries in, trying to push the two side buttons at the same time and same depth took a bit for me; the good part of that is once you get it back together; you know the back is not coming off and is secure.

    This headlamp fits great and continues to even while wearing and works great. For this price and quality this is a fantastic deal!

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    Rover BuddyBlinder

    Posted by Angela Rockwell on Jan 23rd 2018

    My husband was very excited when this package arrived! Hi first comment was that the Rover BuddyBlinder is super comfortable! My husband related that he has had other headlamps that have been uncomfortable.He loved the straps and the cushion on the back of the lamp. While opening the back to install the batteries was a little bit of a challenge the first time( I ended up putting them in), we appreciate the security of the battery pack and making it weatherproof. My husband's first thought was that he was looking forward to using the BuddyBlinder while walking the dog after dark. I'm sure he'll be using it while working outside on the job or all around the house, especially where it gets dark so early this time of year. What a great product!

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    Simple, low cost, easy to use

    Posted by JaypZP on Nov 19th 2017

    This is a great straight forward headlamp. Very easy to use, good light power, stays on well with the top strap. I've used on trails for early morning running and works perfectly.