Hydro-Blu Versa Flow Light-Weight Water Filter
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Versa Flow Light-Weight Water Filter

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    Excellent product that comes with an excellent idea.

    I needed a filter like the Versa Flow for some time now. I already have 3 similar water filters, 2 for drinking water straight from the source, and one (almost identical) which fits and works with the water bottle that comes with it. They are all working very well, and are of good quality. But I needed another one (or more pretty soon) that can fit and work with my hydration camels. And this is the one.
    You see, when you hike into the desert with infrequent (if not rare) water sources, fatigue and difficult terrain, some times you ran out of water, and you need to refuel from any paddle or little water hole you can find (if you are lucky). And then, you need to go on and on and on. So, it is not a bad idea to fill your hydration packs for the following miles. However, you need to purify that darn water at all times. And here is when the Versa Flow comes to play. With this little filter connected to the hose attacked to the hydration camel, the only thing you need to do is simply suck the water from the hose. You don't waste time, don't lose your pace, and everything is cool. So, yes, I LOVE this water filter.
    Another thing to always remember is that you NEED to clean the filter thoroughly after each and every use. And then dry it up completely. The filter must stay clean and dry at all times, so the filtration system will work for as long as it is designed for. And not collect bacteria or microbes by being dirty or moist. If you follow this advice, the Versa will not disappoint you.
    This is a good filter and an excellent idea. Definitely a keeper in my book, and SO highly recommended!

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