Giving Refuge to the Refugee in the Dominican Republic

Giving Refuge to the Refugee in the Dominican Republic

Thousands of people within the Dominican Republic don't have access to safe water nor medical care. These people are both Dominican and Haitian Refugees. With no help in sight good Samaritans like an Ohio based non-profit, Brown Horse Projects, has teamed up with HydroBlu to alleviate the burden of so many who have not refuge from the storm.



Amanda Edmonds tells you how to be prepared to be an adventure mother

Are You Prepared for Adventure as a Mother: Must Read Interview with Amanda Edmonds

Don't know if you heard, motherhood is hard. It is even harder if you want to take your children on camping trips, hiking, and any sort of spontaneous adventure. The HydroBlu Staff interviewed local adventure mom Amanda Edmonds for helpful hints on how to be prepared as a mother for adventure. Amanda goes on hikes every other day and camping or rock climbing almost every weekend of the year with her daughter, 3, and son, 9.



Sam Carpenter and HydrBlu team up to help Haiti with water crisis

Helping 3.16 Million Haitians with Clean Water, One Person at a Time

Getting a drink of clean water is a simple task to the majority of first world countries. In Haiti 52% of their rural population does not have access to safe drinking water and 81% doesn’t have access to sanitation facilities. Sam Carpenter and HydroBlu teamed up to help 3.16 million Haitians gain access to safe water, one family at a time.