Haitian Water Improvement

$10.00 - $100.00

With Haiti still recovering from a large-scale earthquake that hit about 15 miles from the Haitian capital at the beginning of 2010, the nation has suffered greatly from cases of chlorea and contaminated water. Even now in 2018 the Haitian's have to drink their water "with one eye open" for fear of the fatal bacterial disease they could contract. They rely on drinking from groundwater filled with microbes or on trucks to deliver "clear water" and even then the water is still not purified.

Several years ago Rev Larry Bailey Jr and his wife Pam, went with a large group to do Mission work in Haiti. They were in shock at how impoverished the village truly was and how dramatically the water crisis effected especially the children and elderly there. With the understanding that "Water is Life" Rev. Bailey Jr was driven to help Haiti and their desperate need to receive clean water. Partnering with HydroBlu, he received donations of the Versa Flow water filters in addition to a significant discount for his supporters. He and his wife were able to collect an abundance of water filters to take back with them to the Haiti Providence University.

Backpacks filled with Versa Flow filters, they hiked to the Haiti providence to distribute the filters and teach the villages how to use them to get the filtered water that was so vital.

The couple now goes annually to Haiti and get to see how the HydroBlu filters have helped the people and their overall health. In Rev. Bailey's words: "Water is life and just as God turns bad things into good, the folks at HydroBlu turn bad water into good."

Your donation with will be used to help provide additional filters that will be dispersed to Haitian and will be overseen by the Haiti Providence University.