Dominican Republic Refugee Relief

$10.00 - $100.00

The Dominican Republic is comprised of nearly 10 million people, its location makes it extremely vulnerable to some of the worst natural disasters. With climate change, high levels of rural poverty, and recent widespread droughts, there is a significant part of the population who can't access clean water.

Together we have partnered with Brown Horse Projects, who seek to spread the Gospel through temporal relief to their fellow man. In partnership, Dominican based Grace & Peace Missionary Fellowship hundreds of service organization have come to help thousands of Dominicans and Haitian refugees.

One described the work as follows, "We saw people different from ourselves. We touched them and hugged them. We gave them medicine. We brought filters and buckets, laughter and tears." More can be done to support these missions and you are the key.

Your donation will help provide more clean water resources for refugees in the Dominican Republic from Haiti.