3L Top Fill Water Reservior

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How many hydration bladders have you killed putting something other than water in it (sports drink, Kool Aid, Jack and Coke)? If only you could fit your big fat hand in it to clean it...no offense. With the 3L top fill  hydro tanker from 3V Gear your woes are over! Open up the tanker by rotating the two red tabs on the top and separating the sides. It is like big a zip lock bag on steroids. Now you can easily fill and clean your tanker any time. The bite valve rotates to seal off your liquids from dripping when you are not using it. What are you waiting for? If the 3L is too big check out the 2L version or combined it with our Versa Flow Light-Weight Water Filter

HydroBlu 3L Top Fill Water Reservior

Our Top Fill Hydro Tankers features an easy to use clip on the top of the bladder that allows  you to fill and seal the bladder quickly. The top clip also allows you to easily clean and maintain the hydro tanker. The bullet “Bite Me” valve delivers water when you want it and seals close when you don't. A quick twist of the bite valve seals water off so you don't leak any of your H2O. Also includes patented Anti-microbial bladder interior and drink tube to prevent bacteria and mold.


  • 3.0 Liter
  • Metallocene PE high strength and taste free film (BPA, Latex & PVC free)
  • Tough construction for maximum abrasion resistance
  • Easy-to-use top fill clip for easy filling, draining, or cleaning
  • Bite valve retainer
  • Patented articulated “Bite Me” valve with twist on/off
  • Anti-microbial bladder interior and drink tube to prevent bacteria and mold
  • Dimensions:
    • Total capacity: 3.0 Liter chambers
    • Weight (empty): 5.6 oz.
    • Hydro Tank measurements: 17" L x 8" W

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    Mostly good, just one little tweak and it'll be...

    Posted by Jacob Fraiser on Jun 23rd 2018

    It is very durable, and the 3 L capacity is pretty good. However, what is this extra part between the bite valve and the reservoir? Is that for hanging something there, or something close to that? Otherwise, it seems like this is missing one more part so that the bladder doesn’t keep sinking down into my pack. Like my Camelback.

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    Hydro Tanker

    Posted by PracticallyPerfect523 on May 1st 2018

    Went on a hike with a bunch of friends and packed this hydro tanker in my pack. Fit great, good size and lasted me the whole way.

  • 5
    Five Stars

    Posted by KingKac on Apr 1st 2018


  • 5
    Works wonderfully.

    Posted by Neil on Sep 3rd 2017

    I went on a hike with this in my bag and had no issues at all. Totally leak proof. Durable. Easy to set up. There is not a thing wrong with it.